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Anyone own a 361 BB???

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Its not likely but has anyone here ever owned a 361 BB? I got one from one of our chapter members because I wanted the crank and heads, but there is a set of new .040 pistons for one on ebay right now. I wont buy them but I cant help thinking about a cheap buildup for it with new pistons for about 30 bucks. Too small a CID for the weight of the engine but it could probably be made to perform pretty good. Anyone want a 361 block Std for free?
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What year is the block? Is it just a block or a complete motor? I am racking my brain trying to recall if a 361 came in a B & RB. Seems as if there were 2 361's made in the late 50's & arly 60's.
BTW, early 361's and all B & RB engines (58-63) had a different crankshaft to accommodate the cast iron push button torqueflite trans. In these engines the torque converter was bolted to the crank. I was thinking that maybe if you bored the 361 .040 over you might get close to a 383. 361 has a bore of 4.125, 383 is 4.25. So 40 over wud only give you 4.165. Any later B crank will fit directly into the early 361 with no mods if you decide to keep engine for the future. I had a 1960 361 Golden Commando 395 engine. Strong.
The 361 is a B engine and the year of this one is 1964. I pulled the crank, and rods, etc so its a bare block only. The crank seems to be a stock B forged crank same as a 383 forged unit. Heads are 516's and the rods are the stock forged units found in all the B engines, at least from about 64 on. The rods (I am ASSuming) havent worked as hard as say the rods from a 383 HP motor so hopefully their life cycle has some time left. Bore is std and almost no ridge so I am hoping that supports that idea as well. Thats why I am keeping all the guts. But the block is free if anybody wants it. Set of new .040 cast stock replacement pistons at about $16 on ebay. They would be stock 9:1. Shave a pair of closed chamber 516 heads or bring the block down about .08 and it could make some power, or be a strong propane engine. But at machine shop prices its hard not too go with a larger block for all the $$ that need to be spent. Been pricing out boring, tanking, mag'ing, decking, line hone, bore hone, balancing, and it adds up to some pretty good coin. And it seems its a domino effect...weel, if your going to do that then you should do this...and if your spending that kinda money you had better do these things to be sure everything is right....awwwwwwwwgh.
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mpdave, 61 was last year for the long crank flanges, when 727 was introduced in 62 they also changed the cranks. I think maybe you meant cast iron tranny, which was also push button shifted.
I don't know what changes were made to the 1964 361, but a 59 & 60 361 called GOLDEN COMMANDO 395 were nothing to be messed with if you were driving a Ford, Chev, Pontaic or most any brand that was not a Mopar. They were very strong. I had read a while back, long while back, that the '59 361 was the fastest accelerating car in America. I know that I used to put 348 tri power chev, 57 283 FI & 2x4 chevs to shame. Those were the days.
And yet, you still don't want this block.?. With all those memories this thing would look good in the living room as a TV stand or put it on the outside porch in March and it makes a lovely seasonal wine rack/chiller. And they may steal your wine but they sure arent going to walk away with the cooler.
I am tempted to build it because the stock numbers were very close to 383 numbers and probably save an drop of fuel a week, but I just cant justify it vrs the 383.
So where exactly are you, in BC. It might be worth a trip for a free 361.
I am in Vancouver, so from Montana that a looonnngggggg way. Takes a day to go across Montana if I remember right. Its yours if you are heading here anyway but it sure aint worth the trip.
Bummo, About 6-7 years ago I bought 2 1960 Plymouths from a guy in Mass. I had seen them in Hemmings. I called him and he described them as being rough but should be able to make 1 out of the 2. One a a Fury and one was a Belvedere, both 2 door ht and the Fury had the tall rear glass. The Fury had the GC in it and the Belv had a 318. I was so hot to have a GC again, and the guy told me it would turn over, needed a new carb. Well I wired him the money 'cause he led me to believe that the was being swamped with calls from people trying to buy it and the only way to lock 'em down was to wire money which I did. Our company has a customer in Long Valley, NJ and he said that he would send one of his lonf flat bed trailers to get them and I would come from NC to NJ in our rollback and dolly and get them. Well when I saw the cars i was broken hearted. If I had not already paid for them and if I was not already there I would have left them. Got em home, put the Fury on the lift to change the oil and filter and when the drain plug was removed I go 5 gallons of water, oil and I don't know what else. Motor was locked up. Took off the heads, valve heads were RUSTED off and laying on the pistons. I was able to drive 5 of the 8 pistons out of the block w/a wood block and sledge hammer. Had to junk the block and used a 400 inch engine to rebuild to go in my 85 Ram 150(still working on the swap). The only thing I cud use from the GC was the crank,intake & exhaust, and water pump manifolds. Oh I have a rebuilt 1960 cast iron torqueflite tranny, new torque converter for sale. So first memories of a GC are great. Second set of memories not so great.
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my 64 newport had a 361 in it......witha 2 bbl....(stromberg) that sucker would wind up....and for a big old 4 door.....would lay a patch of rubber!!!!!!.infact.i wish i still had that old party cruiser!!! was the best $100 i ever spent!!!!! that old car took alot of guff from my big old lead foot!
The movie "Christine" used a mess'o 361's in the car. The junkyard that got all the junk cars used in the movie was in Fontana Ca. If I remember correctly.
I had one in a 61 Dodge School Bus from San Jacento buss district out of Hemet Ca. If I recall correctly, the bolt mounting on the crank was Odd?????? mabe it was 6 or 8 or something, but anyway, it made using it in a truck or car a pain for some reason, it's been too long to remember exactly what the situation was.
You realize this is a 7 year old post don't you?
here is my 361 bb i believe its around 1958 it has long crank, trips me out that the flywheel sticks out so far. i had a hard time tracking down a starter with long nose when i finally found it. it wasn't cheep lol had plans to put this motor in my 86 rc  but couldn't figure out/find a tcase to work with the t98 tranny i got with it. any ways i no longer have my truck and really  have no use for this motor and trany but i don't think i could just give it away lol if anyone has any information  that could help me sell/find this motor a  new home it is good running engine with a  4 speed t98 trans, brand new clutch and flywheel, and a stupid expensive starter  that still needs rebuilt lol  even if someone could help me look up the numbers for info would be great thanks in advance and sorry if this isn't where or how im supposed to post here


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I'm pretty sure the t98 will bolt to a dana 20 transfer case.


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I don't know about that.  If you go on Novak overdrive and adapters it might tell you.
Why on earth would you want to use a Dana 20 behind a big block?  Hell, I wouldn't even use the T98, it's a decent old 4 speed, but can be hard to get parts for.  But since you have gone through all the mess to use it, I imagine a swap to a NP435 wouldn't be worth it now.  Either way I would be looking for a divorced NP205.  Anything else is going to be either too old to get parts for, too light to last or way too expensive for an old truck with an oddball 361.
I definitely didnt go out looking for this friend of mine had it in his truck my motor took a shit so I was going to swap it in ended up haven to sell my truck so now I have this set up and not sure what to do with it
From the little research I've done, the t98 was on the back of a hurricane six cylinder kaiser truck.
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