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K, since Utah has died....again... I will try to help. :)

On the Contour I used that vinyl dye that you can buy at Checker. The car's interior was beige and I dyed a few of the pieces. It turned out pretty good. The dash required a removal, as did the headliner. Other pieces were covered by fabric that I got from the fabric store (shut up, I know). I don't know what kind of material your headliner is made out of (my `Chargers have a metal headliner), but the Contours, is kind of like a foam. It took the dye really well, but it took a LOT! The dash also took the dye well. Im going to work on fixing up a few pieces over the winter though. I did the door panels gray, so they would match the gray seats I was getting. Suprise, the seats have more of a blue in them so angry. Now the interior doesn't match. :mad:

DO NOT dye any pieces that risk getting hit with the metal pieces on your shoes. It scratches the shit out of them. I was told that car paint mixed with some flattener will allow you to get an 'interior' shine, and it will hold up better.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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