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I was doing some research on getting my wheels re-chromed, but the prices were more than I was willing to pay, especially considering how the rest of the truck looks.

I tried some 00 steel wool and soapy water but the results were pretty mediocre. I checked out a few vids where someone was using steel wool with some of the more expensive polishes, but also with WD40 since it was cheaper.

I tried some WD40 and the results were amazing. This a front wheel, so rust was on most of the wheel like it is in the center part, which I had not done when I took that pic. It's not perfect up close, of course, because there are areas of pitting where the chrome no longer exists. But standing up and looking at it, you wouldn't be able to tell. I was pretty happy with how it turned out for 15 minutes of work. I imagine if I took a polisher and some chrome polish to it that it would look even better.

Now I just need to do the other three.

Edit: And yes, tires are on my list. :ROFLMAO: I just bought this Ramcharger and it sat for a long time. The tires are practically new, but dry rotting and cracking.

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Those are rare rims! The problem with steel wool (even fine thread) is that it scratches chrome. If you really want them to shine then use Mothers polish on them. It will make them sparkle and leave a protective film on the rims to help prevent rust from coming back.


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0000 steel wool is what I use for any chrome or polished metals. You can still scratch (more like "haze") the metal with 0000 but it's very forgiving.

The BEST metal polish i've ever used is the pink Meguiar's Hot Rims (or maybe wheels?). It smells like cinnamon and will do a mirror polish. I haven't seen it in years though:

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I've used 0000 steel wool to get paint off of glass, more polished it than scratched it. Always try WD40 on anything rusty. My fave polish is Met-All because it's the only thing I've ever seen that cleans up anodized aluminum. Have a pic of some sill plates I cleaned up but can't find it.

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I have used mother's mag & aluminum polish but I now prefer Blue Magic polish. It has a strong ammonia smell but it works on steel & aluminum (probably other metals too) and leaves a silicone protectant.
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