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ANYBODY/non-roller Cam in a roller motor

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somebody asked me this and l didnt know so l,m ask all of you / has anybody tried this and what parts are needed

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I gotta ask why?
Evildriver-3 said:
I gotta ask why?
Maybe it's for a dirt track car and against the sanctioning body rules ???

Any steel non roller camshaft with a maximum lift of .500" measured at the valve may be used. Standard timing chain design only. 1.5 : 1 roller rocker arms allowed .Rocker arms must be stock unaltered. Only engines that came stock with 1.6 : 1 rockers may use them. (Ford/Mopar) Roller tappets not allowed.
I'm pretty sure the non roller lifters fit in the roller blocks, I believe the pushrods need to be longer than the roller ones.
PR91 That would be a good reason, probably the only reason i would agree with, i wouldn't like it the damned rules in roundy round car motors suck.

Yes TXS you would need the long pushrods.
alot of engines were produced non rollar even though the block was cast and machined for rollar lifters.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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