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Any Nextel users ?

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Just curious if anyone here is using Nextel
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phoenix827 said:
Can you hear me now? NO? Try using sprint! It WORKS! lol
Lol sprint didn't work upstate, remember
OMG!!! He answered me!!! lol
Verizon is an evil corp I don't like them
ramit84 said:
Verizon is an evil corp I don't like them
They may be but I never have been anywhere in the country where my phone didnt work
my at&t gets service everywhere and i have no long distance or roaming charges, unlimited minutes, and the internet for 30 bucks a month :)
if you add unlimited roaming onto your sprint phone for an extra 10 bucks it'll work anywhere...
IF it can find a tower! lol I got it, didn't roam till I was in West VA, but NO signal near Tellico.
Hey, I'll be a Nextel user next week. I get my phones on Tuesday.
Any idea how to find out what plan my work phone has? I have no idea as it is not mine, but I would like to find out if it has unlimited direct connect.
Gotta find the person paying the bill
Thats the prob, it's my company. I don't think the home office in NJ would like me asking them! lol Was wondering if an e-mail with any info I can get to nextel might get me some info. If I have free talk time, I will add all of you guys in to the phone.
Maybe ask a supervisor about how the deal works with nextel and if he knows and is it cheap, he/she might know
Hey Marty/Chris, what are your direct connect #'s so I can get ahold of you that way....I got my Nextel now!!!!! If you don't want to post them, IM them to me.
will do, remind me tommorow when the ph in in the house. you too marty
Yea, well I just called Nextel and got the rudest customer service sob I've ever dealt with. I could barely hear him, and he didn't seem to care. He barely let me speak and when I finally was able to ask my question he treated me like an idiot.

The package I found online seems good, but I had a question about the "no roaming charges" clause. With our current provider we pay no roaming charges in New England even if we use another company's tower. I asked him about that and he told me roaming was when another company's tower was being used. (no shit sherlock). He then told me I would have no cellular service in northern Maine cause they had no towers up there. (there is cellular service up there, just not Nextel. I've used my phone in Fort Kent). I asked him if the "no roaming charges" clause meant that you can't roam with Nextel and he said yup and hung up.

Interestingly enough, I just found out that a cell call I made to BB from the Mass Pike was covered under our current plans package minutes even though the call went over another company's tower.

So, rant finished and now a question. Can any of you Nextel users tell me what happens if you use the phone out of their coverage area?

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Lol nothing happens, it is only good for self defense to throw at someone, or throw at the nextel people.

On my property i have no service and at the house upstate and nextel continuely trold me oh!! next week it will be up and running sir!, and next week it wasn't, but BB say's it is ok up there so maybe they fixed it and i have spoke to BB so apparently it works.

But out of there service area and it i useless, except for a paper weight
Thanks Marty. I guess we'll keep our current plan for now. I can call all of New England, and I found out the other day that NY, NJ, and PA were added to our regional plan. All calls come off our package minutes, no roam, no toll. Not too bad after all I guess.
Yeah but you can still talk to people in florida and texas and cali and all over though, i have talked to lots of members with it
Evildriver-3 said:
Yeah but you can still talk to people in florida and texas and cali and all over though, i have talked to lots of members with it
Yeah, Direct Connect is one of the reasons I was interested. My wife and I use almost half of our monthly minutes calling each other's phones.
Yeah the direct connect is the best thing about it
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