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Any easy way to check if I bent an axle...

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I have a 1976 3/4 ton Dodge that was being used as a beater mud truck. Major rust issues. I'd like to use the 8 lug D44 front axle on the 78 Club cab I recently bought. Problem is that I hammered a big hole a little to hard while mudding in the 76 a couple years ago, and bent the frame on the drivers side where the shock mount is. Bumpstop is no longer lined up with the center of the spring and is lined up with inboard edge. What a good way to check if an axle housing is bent? Don't want to waste any time/effort on a bent axle...
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take it to a front end shop and have them look at it or look for any signs of stress near the diff. housing cause thats the most probable point for bending.
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