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Another Carb question

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Looking for advice, should I attempt a rebuild or just replace? I've never torn a carb apart before and my experience with them has been limited to adjusting the idle mix and electric choke. My rig has been running rough and has been giving me some occasional backfiring problems when cold. Last night it was real bad so I climbed up and found pools of gas in the corners by the secondaries and fuel dripping from the side of the shaft end.

I'm not certain if its a Edelbrock or an AFB, no labeling on the front. I need to pull it tonight and find the numbers.

Any big shakes doing my own rebuild besides blowing the money and time and having to go buy something new? Should I have it dipped or glass beaded, is it necessary or just a can of carb cleaner and a brush?

Appreciate any advice.
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Ya or look arouns on e-bay if u wnat u cna find new one for under 200 bucks or so hell E-brocks are dirt cheap but u have to deal with a little bit of linkage adjustment .
Should have a much smoother idle as well better grunt down low . well the spacer will make good mid range power better more than anyhting . good luck on the carb rebuild .
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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