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Alaska members intro post and joining post

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Post here for introducing yourselves and joining
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Hi, name is Don, live in Anchrorage, looking for a few members up here. Hey, it is already January, means winter is half over, might be a trip to Jim Creek or something in our cards later eh?

I'm John... new 1974 Dodge Truck owner, and I'm in Fairbanks...
Name's David, live in Wasilla, formerly Valdez. '82 Power Ram (pics in Truck section).
Does'nt look like alot of members up here! Anyone else care to get something going?? ;D
Welcome aboard guy's, Alaska has alot of members some just need a wake up call
Hi my name is Scott. I curenntly have a 1975 Plymouth Trailduster with 14" of lift and 38" swampers, 3/4 ton running gear, and a 360/727.
I live and work in Fairbanks.
Welcome aboard Scott
My name is Aaron, I live in Fairbanks. My street cruiser is a 2WD '87 D150 highly modified slant six. My new daily rig is a 2000 4x4 Ram Quad Cab, 360 a/t. Found this section a little late...

Better late than never, welcome slanted
The name is Patrick. I live in Anchorage. Bought my Ramcharger about 3 months ago. My rig needs work before she can hit the trails. Her previous owner was a litle rough with her.
Well as soon as you get her ready there are a few wild men here that go out wheelin up that way and will be happy to take you along, just get them to post pictures here, and welcome aboard
Hi my name is Jason, and I am in Fairbanks. I have an 85 D150, that is my under contruction street rod, which in alaska that means I have alot of time to work on it. I also have a 96 Ram 2500 that is my daily driver
Welcome Jason! ;D I think you knock our total up to 3 active members in the AK chapter now... ::)

hi my name is ben and currently i am down in washington and will be joining you on the rj06 convoy. i have been toying with the idea about moving up there(it is to hot down here during the winter) any of you have a idea about the best way of going about moving?
Get rid of everything that will not fit in your truck/RC. Towing a trailer up or down the Alcan is not fun. Not to say it cannot be done, it can just be a royal PITA, especially through the old stretches of highway that have not been widened.

Make the move during mid-summer. You will have to put up with a considerable amount of RV (tourist) traffic, but the roads will be clear of snow/ice, and there will be many more passers-by if you ended up breaking down somewhere.

Avoid the Cassiar Highway unless you are carrying fuel with you. It has very long stretches with absolutely NO services of any kind. I don't think even AAA will come and rescue you on the Cassiar. (I am not positive on that--ask AAA if you have it).

Be prepared for flat tires. I have made the journey 6 times, and never had a flat (knock on wood) but when you go through contruction sites, or areas that the asphault has been removed, you can see why the Alcan can be very hazardous to tires. Most travelers you see will have at least 2 good spares.

Carry at least 5 gallons of extra fuel with you. The Alcan has a gas station every 250 miles (at least), but many of them are NOT open 24 hours (even for credit card purchases), many do not have premium (if your rig needs it), and many are only open seasonally. Mid-summer is the best time to catch all of them when they are open (tourist traffic), but you may find yourself needing gas and nary a station in site.

Then of course, all the usual road-trip items. Extra belts, hoses, fluids, flashlight, etc.

Good luck with the move, if you end up doing it. :)

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youre moving ben?
it is kinda a long shot if i doo move have been thinking about it for a while

and if did do it what you athink about ataking the farry? i konw it runs up there during the summer
The ferry is always an option, but I have been told (I've never gone that route) it's fairly expensive. With gas prices spiraling out of control, the ferry may very well be the cheaper option. Not nearly as scenic though. The AlCan has some absolutely beautiful stretches that you will never forget. ;)
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