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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2004 00:18:15 -0000
From: "Mark" <[email protected]>
Subject: 3 Ramchargers in NJ for sale

i have 3 RamChargers to sell as a package deal. they
are an '84,
an '87 and an '88. the 84 and 87 are 4x4's, all three
have 318's, the
88 is TBI. the 84 had a 360 but someone swapped in a
318. all three
run and have clear titles. the 84 trans is going out
because the
people who installed the 318 ran it without kickdown
linkage. the 88
has a computer problem of some kind and will not idle,
also the
alternator is seized. no front seats, console or rear
bumper. the 87
is in the best shape as it is closest to roadworthy.
it has no door
weatherstripping and someone cut the bracket that
E-brake goes to
inside to remove the cable. driver's side
window(power) regulator
broken(84 also has power). front bumper bent and a
dent in the
passenger fender. lower driver's door hinge area
rusty. mag wheels
NOT included(i will put on others)all have minor rust.
take all three
and make one nice with plenty of spares. pics


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Hello this is Matt. Do you know how to reach this seller?
I need a solid cab for an 84 or older ram 84 has floor joice(s) that need replacing and all I can do is chase the rust aroung for years...Im a pro body man so Im looking for a more solid undercarriage i can reinforce and coat it with that new rust stop brush on stuff i forgot the name but it stops it dead!and its not undercoating. my chassis has many new upgraded parts from an auburn gear 4'10 front and a new rbuilt 4'10 rear end with telescopic steering shaft attached to a brand new AGR box with a high volume pump  its a beast of 4x4 and a dying breed that are getting valuable.. Do you know if the w150 1985 truck body would be to long for the wheel base or any short beds that match up to the ramchargers frame...i can reweld floor mounts but not into cutting down and channeling a truck box....thanks for any help.

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Hey Matt!

I think this might have sold - it's dated 2004!

Also, the W150 will fit on an RC frame - the bed has to be chopped.  Both EY8S and I have rigs like that.  Let us know if you need any help if that's the route you want to go. 
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