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A New Mexico Event- Cancelled Due to distance ;)

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just trying to start an organized event and I am looking for input as to where to have it, the first event any way , eventually we should cover the whole state but any suggestions would be helpful,

Well I am still a Moderator here, but the NM chapter has all but fallen apart, Due to lack of participation. The cage still runs, but I have not taken it out in some time, Life just keeps getting in the way, what with the usurpation of our political system and the demise of our currency, the priorites have somewhat changed.
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If we do go north, my old truck could probably tow the cagedodge, if you have a trailer...

Otherwise, the Robledo Mtns have some "normal" trails, in addition to the extreme stuff in the photos... And there are good dirt roads for fast running.

The Puerco will be cooling off pretty soon. We could save Las Cruces for later in the year... It was 100 degrees outside today !

Has anyone driven through the south end of the San Mateo Mtns, from Monticello (northwest of TorC) to IH25 (halfway to Socorro) ? I've only been in from the south, and it's pretty, only mildly rough, but steep and narrow in places.
That'd be a good "meet in the middle" place.
Hell, when I win the lottery, we get an enclosed truck hauler, with sleeper and full bath ::) We are definitely victims of the size of our state, versus the gearing or reliability of our vehicles....

That's why I was asking about the San Mateo Mtns, they extend from north of TorC to near Magdalena (west of Socorro). I have a friend in the BLM Socorro, and acquaintances in the USFS Magdalena Ranger Office. Maybe they know of some central trail/camping areas that would be a good compromise....

Hey DDog, I was in RR a week ago Thursday night... for just a few hours, thought of ya but didn't have time to get in touch... at the NM Coalition Against Domestic Violence conference that Bill Richardson and John Sanchez dropped by... did yall see the SHORT blonde lady they interviewed on TV... my wife, the President of the coalition
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Got Elder duty at church that Sunday, and a Habitat for Humanity house ribbon cutting that PM.... Have fun !
Well, hey, Webb, I missed your entry into RCC ! Welcome !

As you can see, we're a pretty disorganized "chapter"... mostly because of distances and reliability doubts; but, yeah, the Butte is a fairly good compromise.

Is there enough water left ???
Bet the boat ramp is longer than we've seen in years :eek:
Seems like dodgeman, Rambitious, El Paso Ram & I maybe going for a boonie cruise near Las Cruces, Saturday, 28 Sep 02. IF we manage to get it together in the next few days....
Webbcraft and I have been visitng about the Butte. He knows a number of trails there that would be just fine.
You may gather that I've inducted Elpasoram into the NM "chapter"... since he's a gazillion miles from any TX activities.

No jokes like "flush hard TX needs a drink", etc..., please ;D
Sandia WEST ? OMG....

Yep, EPR was gonna join us, but had a broken ubolt...

So, gimme a month or so, and I'd be ready to come north...

Actually, I've got a four day weekend next 11,12,13 Oct... any chance of doin something up north ?
I think we've all gone to sleep.... ZZZZZzzzzxxxxxx...
Not that I know of,... sorry :\'(

I am currently without reverse, until I get time to pull the pan and see how bad it is, my boonie trips will be on foot.... ::)
I "will be going" (maybe, see below) to Ram Jam... except mine's a LWB W150 instead of an RC :p

Assuming of course, that I get the transmission back together and back in the truck between now and then :-[

BUT... My son is in Marine Boot Camp, and would've already "graduated" except he/they cratered his knee, so he was in the medical dorm for two months, and is now going back into training... and DAMN the Luck may graduate on JULY 3... :\'(

So, I may not get to go to RJ.... if I'm in San Diego for him.
Well, Earl,
Up on top, southeast of Cloudcroft, we got run-off by gun toting cowpeople. It was scary to say the least ! The Forest has closed most of the difficult trails to trucks, but lets the ATV people use them...

We're better off at Elephant Butte, or Las Cruces BLM, or Rio Rancho BLM, or maybe the San Mateo Mountains.
Sad but true... me too. Life sure gets in the way of things we think we want to do.... some time...
That'd be fun, but it would bust every budget in New Mexico... LOL.

Maybe someday...
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