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A New Mexico Event- Cancelled Due to distance ;)

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just trying to start an organized event and I am looking for input as to where to have it, the first event any way , eventually we should cover the whole state but any suggestions would be helpful,

Well I am still a Moderator here, but the NM chapter has all but fallen apart, Due to lack of participation. The cage still runs, but I have not taken it out in some time, Life just keeps getting in the way, what with the usurpation of our political system and the demise of our currency, the priorites have somewhat changed.
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my 318 is on its last legs, until I drop the 360 into it, but that may be later this yr, so I am up for a jaunt into rio rancho...
we wont get stuck and we can make a wing ding outta it, a cookout campout type thing, or just go out for a few hours.
mid/late sept would be cool.. or would be good between thanksgiving and xmas..
Sunday 8 sept, 10 am rio rancho giant & checker on southern and unser, be prepared for some sand and arroyo hopping, and shoot the crap, lets make this happen guys...{smoke}
yes, I need to swap carbs and hook up my front drive shaft, or if it is just us, we can go to the turtle mountain, and have a rootbeer...
All that show up even if you dont want to go wheelin will get a FREE RCC sticker !!!

correction, I am unable to accomplish all the tasks, the axles are still in the back of the RC, and havent gotten the bolts for my front driveshaft....but I will still be there in the van, handing out RCC stickers and sucking down ROOTBEER ! ! !
LMAO, yeah sure it is what a 4000ft drop?
I am gonna be busy till 1st week in april with the new 360, after that a wheelin in the Rio Rancho area would be sweet, still need to break in the new motor, but am open till mid april for wheelin.
Perhaps we can plan a wheel in/out in mid october?

whos up for it?
1 - 6 of 48 Posts
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