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A New Mexico Event- Cancelled Due to distance ;)

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just trying to start an organized event and I am looking for input as to where to have it, the first event any way , eventually we should cover the whole state but any suggestions would be helpful,

Well I am still a Moderator here, but the NM chapter has all but fallen apart, Due to lack of participation. The cage still runs, but I have not taken it out in some time, Life just keeps getting in the way, what with the usurpation of our political system and the demise of our currency, the priorites have somewhat changed.
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I am not trying to leave anyone out by wanting to hold a get together down here , i just really dont have a good tow vehicle and smokey would probably not wanna take my whole family up north but a central locatoin such as t or c or there abouts would probably be ok for me too tow my own junk,I have a van i use to tow with and i do have a trailer but it has no plates just yet and it is in pretty rough condition also , as for the trails , i only took pix of the really good (extreme) ones, cause pix of the cage cruising down a dirt road would not be too cool to put up, i have to go thru some very easy to moderate terrain to get to the hard stuff and some trails have bypasses for the extreme stuff too , we have a very wide selection of trails here and u can just pull over and camp out just about anywhere in the desert and i would pull anyone out who got stuck so far i am the only one who voted in my poll so any votes would be helpful ;D
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I put some effort into the tow van this labor day weekend and the butte would be definately possible, would they let me drive the cage on the beaches? i have heard of some rockcrawlin trails up that way but i am unsure where they are, that would definately have to be an overnighter to go there for me ;D and towing the cage it would be about 55 mph nomatter what the rpm's r running, maybe more going :p
well it looks like i havent been to this board since,,,,uhh ,, march,, its now may,, does anyone wanna make any plans for the mid or end of summer, ???, at the rate our board moves i wouldnt wanna make it too soon so everyone has a chance to see it
well it looks like im out again this year,, i would love to go but i dont really have a good tow vehicle or money to make the trip,, and i have a bit of work i need to do on the cage just to go play here ,, maybe next year will be closer,, and i may be richer,, but i dunno ??? :-\
OK OK , Im ready for a wheeling trip again, somewhere in mid/southern NM would be great, do we still have a chapter around here?
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