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Finally snapped a few good ones of my brother's truck. It's for sale, if you offer enough. I'll just tell you right now, he has someone offering 4k, but that's not enough to make him sell right now. As for the specs: 1988 Power Ram 150 4x4, 318 tbi, 120k or so miles, nice interior, cept for the tear in the driver's seat. It has a seat cover on it now. He has a really nice cb in there, too. Cobra 148ltd with voice module (big bad wolf) and a bunch of other neat stuff ;D Thought it was kinda funny that he had his truck for about a year...88, 318tbi, 4x4, Maroon interior, and then I got my truck: 88 318 tbi, 4x4, Maroon interior. Paid the same amount for each of them too ;D




1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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