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A/C-Heater Box Swap

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Replacing a standard (Heat/Defroster with no vents) unit with an A/C-Heater-Defroster with vents. I'm not hooking up the A/C. I'm really just looking to run vents up to my dash. Has anyone here made this kind of swap, or have any helpful insights before I start tearing things out?
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if it was a standard heat/defroster, would't it have defroster vents on the dash? in any case, depending on your expertise in auto electric you would have to get a new wiring harness for the dash, unless you can wire it yourself. you would also have to get a new dash switch for the a/c and heater combination. as far as insight, the best i can say is drain all the antifreeze out of your heater core before starting, because cleaning that up is a pain.
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