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95 Intrepid-stiff power steering?

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I am working on a 95 Intrepid 3.3l, 60k miles. There appears to be little or no power assist in the steering. It is not "spotty" like when the rack is going. Were the pumps prone to fail on these cars? Seems like pretty low miles to have a PS pump go. BTW, fluid level is good, belt is not slipping. Any ideas on how to diagnose this one? Thanks,
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I can't tell you what is exactly wrong. There could be a kinked hard line possibly. I have a friend who owns both an Intrepid and it's clone, the Concorde. Both have problems with the steering. One has a serious problem with body flex. I've researched the problem online and discovered that these cars have a number of problems with their steering systems. It seems that there are recalls issued for them and to make matters worse, the rack is located high on the firewall which makes them very hard to reach and the heat from the engine tends to cook them which is a source for their numerous problems. Inspect the one you are working on and hope you don't have to pull it out.

it sounds like the pressure-check valve in the pump is stuck / its under the big fitting the hi-pressure line screws to

it should have a pressure sensor in line / does the RPMs raise when you turn the steering wheel / if the rpms dont the pump aint making pressure / if they do then the rack is bad
I was wondering if these cars were prone to steering problems. Revving the engine doesn't produce any change in the power assist, it is like it is almost completely dead. The rpms don't raise while turning the wheel either. I guess I will be pulling the pump. Better than the rack I guess! Thanks guys.
yes the are prone to pump problems.a mopar tech i talked last year told me there are plastic type gears in the box and when the pump goes the shavings from the pump go into the rack and plugs it up. mopar recomends pump and rack change. on my sister inlaws car(the reason i found this out) called for 3 different racks. ended costing about 300.00 for both parts. tom
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