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94+ front clip on 89 rc...this could be kickass...

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ive been thinking about what it would be like to put a 94-01 front clip on my 89 ramcharger. i know i would need all of the front clip; fenders, cowl, hood, grill, core support, headlights, all that stuff. but would the demensions work like the width and height without tons of mods? i dont think that the new ones got any wider. i know i would need to also reskin the doors to have that body line finish on but thats not too much of a problem considering the rest would be alot harder i bet. and i would prolly have to alter the lines where the bedsides curve to the gate to look a lil more rounded and modern, as well as prolly alter the body lines of the bedsides themselves. but the front is the major part to tackle. who has any ideas. and yes, i know someone has made a 70s p/u with a modern front and a chop top, anybody got the pic could you please post that pic on this thread. thanks in advance and its prolly just another crazy idea i got from my truck. toodles...
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This has been done before, twice by one guy. He was in one of the 4x magazines, he had a monster truck and a normal truck with the new front clips,

I think the easiest way to do this is to buy a 1 piece fiberglass front end for the new dodge.
Actually fiberglass will last much longer then that, especially if you have a good paint job on it to portect it from the UV rays. I have had fiberglass stuff last for a very long time, even in offroad applications.
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