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94 318 that had auto to 79 rc with 4 speed

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I found a good deal ($200)on a 94 318 in the truck with all the parts minus the auto trans . How hard is it to put it in my 79 rc and keep the 4 speed . I want the fuel injection.
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Thanks for all the info its more work then i want to do right now!

Thanks Todd
I want fuel injection I am tired of my carb!! And i am not spending another $400 + on a nother new one. I am going to try a tbi set up off a 92.
1988-92 are tbi some 92are mpi and all 93 are mpi . the ( i think) late 90- 92 are the better tbi the earlyer tbi had a problem with vapor lock.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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