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89 rc 5.9 magnum

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I am looking to put a 5.9 magnum in my 89 R/C. I have been to that there is an adaptor for my auto trans for the magnum engine....what else would be nneded. also how hard is it to wire the whole thing up? any help would be great.
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The 5.2 and 5.9 have the same harness, correct? I am planning on the swap myself and already have a '93 MP PCM. I'm just looking for an engine and harness.
Also, diesel would be a different harness, correct?
Sorry, one more thing. Would the harness be the same for automatic and manual tranny? Thanks.
I already have a '93 Mopar Perf PCM for a manual tranny. I think all I need is well besides the engine, the wiring harness and flywheel. I planned on getting a '93-'95 'cause I know they took away EGR and changed some other stuff with the computer in '96.
Does anyone know if I can use a wiring harness from an auto with my manual tranny?
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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