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89 rc 5.9 magnum

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I am looking to put a 5.9 magnum in my 89 R/C. I have been to that there is an adaptor for my auto trans for the magnum engine....what else would be nneded. also how hard is it to wire the whole thing up? any help would be great.
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This all depends on if you want fuel injection or carb? Forget the TBI that you have now. You don't need an adapter plate for the transmission. If you go with fuel injection your trans bellhousing will have to be modified slightly for a crank sensor. I could go on on with what you need to do but i'll save it for when i know what induction your going to use.
Its better to use a 92-95 magnum engine because they dont' have the OBD II emissions. 96 and later require an oxygen senser behind that catalytic converter. Torque converter pattern changed in 96 i believe. Would need a fuel pump with more psi or basically one out of a 92-93 pickup.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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