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89 rc 318 w/ ac ?s

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hey ppl. im getting ready to replace the timing chain, water pump, front seals, hoses and belts on my 89 ramcharger with the 318 and AC. i looked at the alt, ac, water pump belt circuit and noticed something, on mine anyways. it has two belts handling that job. one of them has the v grooves and some napa lettering, the other is smooth bottomed. does this mean that just one of them broke and was swapped out for a new one or is it sposed to be like this, both styles? becuz i want to use both v's, the other kinda is really squally but i cant tighten it much more or it will snap the V. thanks ppl, and sorry for such a long questiong.

p.s. is there anything i should watch out for when doing this, like any of those "this is gonna be hell" kinda things. thanks again.
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moparPW200guy said:
the one thing i noticed when i did the timing chain on my 73 dart was the timing cover was kind of a pain to get back on withthe new seals... put the lower pan bots in first but not all the way and that should get the other bolt holes to line up enough.... hope this helps...
Yup, I learned that on my '85 after about an hour of yelling and cussing and throwing wrenches.. I actually had to tighten them down all the way to get the other holes to line up.

Matt {peace}
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