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89' Ram Charger. Need more Torque and Hoarse Power

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Aright I'm a Dodge Guy down to the very end but my 89' 318 is really startin to piss me off i love off roadin but when climing hills and stuff, towards the end it doesn't wanna go much farther. I've done a full tune up fuel filter, 02 senser, plugs wires cap rotor. I'd like to find a Throttle body spacer for some more throttle response but i honestly have looked high and low and cannot find anything for that truck besides exhaust. Please any idea's, websites, or anything else you can suggest would be greatly appreciated.
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Aright well just wanna thank you all for your advice. To answer some?'s I"m rollin on 33x12.5.15 BFG MT/R's just had them put on. I had a full tune up done The entire truck only has 63,000 miles on it... To answer another? When in 4 Low it does do much better i was just talkin about in 2WD I plan on doin headers and cat back dual exhuast. I've got the K&N and my compression is fine. i would like to change the cam over any suggestions? My gearing i believe is 3.14 in the front and 3.83 in the rear.. if those sound wrong there some where close to that i cant remember off the top of my head, yea and i have the same problem with accelerating too i love my truck but i really gotta be pushin some more power. Me and my friends were talking about installing a new torque converter with low stall which would put more power to the wheels. Has any one done this if so how did it it go? And another ? is since my A/C is broken if i were to disable that could i get more power?
I checked and you were rite i do have a 3.90 in the rear and i couldn't find out what i had in the front it wasn't much smaller than that. I found the chip for my truck and am considering putting it on my truck. I've hurd adding a chip to an older truck could possibly dammage the computer or engine... is this true? If now what are the risks thati may take by adding this. I was thinking that my cat may be clogged.
To answer some one elses reply I have really light alloy rims on there, not to speak for the tires those things weigh like a hundred a piece or close to.
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