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89 4x4 RC V10 iron block

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Ok guys heres one for everyone to chew on. I put up a topic about a week back with questions about upgrading to a magnum engine from my LA. Well it turns out its gonna be alot of work. So it struck that since i am going to go that far...why not go all the way. I caught wind of a low milage iron block v10 fully dressed with all the acc.So what im asking from all of you is input...good bad and ugly. suggestions and any and all info on this. First off is...will the v10 mate up with my 727? next...since i wil be using electric fans i should have enouh room length wise but what about width? third...i do live in smog legal is a must...which means any and all emissions will have to stay. my main consernes is the drivetrain compatibility...i will make the rest fit and run. Ok everyone let me have it. THANKS 8)
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The 727 will not bolt up to the v10, you'd need the trans that came with the v10 or one out of a diesel.(The diesel and v10 share the same transmissions) As far as fitment goes, it all depends on how deep your wallet is. If you want to spend the money it will fit. I don't know about in stock form tho. Also, you'll need to put in some 1 ton springs up front to handle the extra weight, while your at it you might as well upgrade to 1 ton axles too to better handle the power of the v10. I think its a cool swap idea tho! Good luck!
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