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ok heres the deal....

1987 plymouth sundance
2.2l 5spd TBI
90k on body MAYBE 20k on motor

if ya start it up it idles about 2000 rpm, but once its warm it starts acting like its only hitting on 3 cyls or less.... really rough and it won't stay idleing for long when it does this. no codes are being throu\wn except the ones for the A\C which are normal for this car... non A\C car.. as far as i can tell all the vac lines are hooked up ao i dunno. i have plugged the one that goes to the air cleaner but thats the only one i can find thats disconnected. could it just need a tune up or should i maybe think about dumpin it OR go turbo motor and turn it into a little racer??? its moms car and if i dont get it fixed soon shes just gonna dump it.. i happen to like it and dont want her to give it up if she doesn't have to. dany ideas would b e great.

i dont have a lot of diagnostic tools or a whole lot of money to be throwing into this little car but i want to get it runnin so she has a second car in case her explorer dies on her...AGAIN!
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