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I would like some suggestion on what to do with my 87 RC... Here is what I have:
1987 RamCharger 4x4, body in very good condition.
318 (I think) with an Edelbrock intake and edelbrock 650 carb. Engine has about 175,000 miles on it.
3 spd auto (727)
Transfer case, which appears to have been before.
Frt and rear axles appear to be original. Gearing unknown.
Interior in fair to good condition... just needs a good cleaning.

The engine runs, but is very weak. It was supposed to be rebuilt at 80,000 miles. Still appears to have the lean burn stuff on it. It has A/C but doesn't work. Almost all of the emissions equipment has be disconnected or removed.
The transmssion appears good other then a few leaks and seems to run well. The transfer case appears to have been into due to the RTV that oozed out from the case. The exhaust system appears to be stock single exhaust with a "homemade" pipe in place of the catalytic convertor.

I am the second owner of this RC and I was considering trying to get it set up to be able to use to go camping with or fishing. so it will have to be able to pull a trailer well.
I would like to get some opinions on what to do with the motor and such... should I rebuild it, replace it, upgrade to a 340 or a 360??? I am open to all suggestions about other areas of the RC too.
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Well congrats on getting an RC. Keep it and rebuild it. I'm not the site expert but we do have a few that will be glad to help you out.
It'd be hard to find someone here to tell you to lose it. It's really up to you, do you want to keep it and get some pride and satisfaction out of doing something...or go buy a new KIA. I say keep it...plenty of help on this site for you.

Welcome to the site, and what color did you say that was. No thats not important, I think its shot, and you need to let me come an take it off your hands before you get soaked by some fly by night place wanting to help you out! That KIA is a good idea.

No, seriously you have a good find, and as for up grades to the engine, I'd go with a 360. I want to find a 1998 doner for my RC and go with a 360 Magum MPI with a conversion to computer and modern emissions. I don't like all the out dated emissions, since 98% of my system is inop, and would cost a bit to replace it all and to rebuild the engine. If you want to go a different route you could get a new 360 Mopar engine. I don't think that I would even consider the 340 as an option since 360's are more available and have more power.

Again welcome to the site, and enjoy your new RC.
Keep it it will be a good project I know mine is and I love it mine was in worse shape thann yours sounds like and I have just did it little by little with help from the site and the 98 donor is a good idea for what you want I have been looking for a deal on my donor and for know as far as the emmisions go find a little shop that will just sell you an emmissions sticker till you get it all done and ready to pass
Keep it. It may seem like its a ways off, but when you're done you'll really enjoy it.
well one good thing is I don't have to worry about emissions here in the great state of (gasp) South Carolina. But I would like to be legal if I ever move. with the 1998 donor, can you use the complete drive train or just the motor???
Yes, you can use either the complete drivetrain.. or just the motor.. If you choose to use just the motor, make sure the computer in it is for a manual trans truck, that way it won't be upset about your hydraulic controlled valvebody doing its own thing.
Aaron Wyse
KEEP IT!! you will never regret it.

I bought my RC last year and yours sounds like it is the same shape as mine. It's a slow process but it's been fun rebuilding the engine/tranmission/t-case. I am waiting for warm weather so I can start the roll cage and rewire the entire truck...steering also needs some serious attention. The way I look at it the RC will be a brand new RC when I am done with it...Have fun and enjoy it...Welcome to the site!
Asfar as the engine "rebuild" goes, I knew akid wiht a totally bad ass sounding camaro, had all the good stuff, ( you know, that kid). His car was a total turd,couldn't keep up with a pinto. Found out the guy who did the engine retarded the cam. That WILL cause no power. If you can go with a new 360 why not? You might ask about the heads on the crate motors though, I read a post about the magnum heads cracking.
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