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87 ramcharger won't start

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I have a problem that i hope someone can help me ramcharger quit running and stalled on highway. had it towed home .It will not start,It is getting spark although I don't know how hot the spark is.I replaced the fuel pump,cap and rotor and coil. Someone told me to replace the ignition module. I cannot find one on this vehicle. Then someone told me if there is no ignition module on the firewall then I have a spark advance computer system that could be the problem. The truck has 167,000 miles on it.... I could use any help that someone could supply......... Thanks
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Check the pickup coils in the distributor for the proper air gap. The spec I have seen for this is .008" (with a non-magnetic feeler gauge) The pickups themselves may also be bad. I forget the exact ohm range to test them by, but IIRC they should test between 100-900 ohms. Someone else have a more exact number here?

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