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'87 Ramcharger / HOLLEY Truck Avenger

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OK!! Here we go again!!!!!!!
The 318 in the '87 is kinda weak. It only has 88k miles on it, and I think I can pep it up with a little work. I've already pulled the Spark Control Computer and put in a MoPar Performance electronic ignition. The manifold is a MoPar Performance aluminum dual plane, and the carburator is a HOLLEY Truck Avenger(670cfm).

To get everything bolted together is going to take some time. I have two empty apartments that need work, predicted overtime at work, and the MotorCycle club has a bunch of events comming up.

Now I have to show my age!!! Here is an 800 on a torker bolted to a 440. It's out of my '69 Coronet and makes about 500 HP.

It'll be a while before this stuff comes together, so you'll just have to wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I can't wait to hear how it runs. I have really been looking into getting one of those carbs. Let us know how it does
Hey I run the same truck avenger on my built up (mildly) 318. If you have any questions/concerns or just want to know how mine runs let me know.
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