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I've run out of time to tinker with "the beast" it's a great machine and has treated me well.  Drove it back from CA myself.  It was a police truck for CA state Berkeley and idled in the back of a parking lot for most of its life.  I put a plow on it a few years ago, but it's only seen snow for the last 6 and has only plowed my 30 ft long driveway.  Very little rust although the police dog window on the roof started to leak and created a bit of rust in the back quarter panel.  It has a 360 police package, runs, but doesn't stop.  I haven't moved it in the last year or so, so it might be as simple as little brake fluid.  It's time for someone else to take over as I've recently upgraded to a Dakota.  It has a lot of new stuff on it.......give me a call.

I have the custom police bumper with push bars and huge Warn winch in my garage 3/8" galv steel wire.  I pulled it off when I put the plow on.  Works(have controller).  Also have a tow hitch off the old parts truck I had....needs to be cleaned up, but fits the dodge. 

Passed MA inspection until this past year and I'm not willing to sink any more time into it......time is needed else where these days.....:(

I can provide photos for those interested......let me know what angles, shots you want or just drop me a line.

Newburyport, MA
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