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'85 Ram slant six questions.

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Hey all,

Found a '77 Fury today with a running six banger. Its a super six with cast iron manifold. The guy wants $200 for the whole car and I've heard it run, sounds good. I'm planning on pulling the engine, cleaning it up and dropping it into my '85 Ram D-100.

OK, the dipstick tube busted off this one, will the one from the car work? I know about pan changing, but the dipsticks on Trucks are in the pan! Would I need to plug the hole for the stock car one (through the block)?

Finally, would maybe a 318 M-Body 2-v carb work with my computer wiring? If so, I'll retain the Super Six, but if not, I'll put on the 1-v! Would it be hard to convert to standard Electronic Ign?
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I would just ditch the computer all together. That's what I plan on doing to my '86 D150.
Here's a V8 ECU wiring diagram; shouldn't be much different for a /6 I don't think


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