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85 360 backfire, bucking, stalling, etc...

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I just bought my 1st Dodge product yesterday. I bought a 1985 RamCharger , 4x4, w/ 360 engine. Bought it from a co-worker of mine.
Truck has ran great for several years, ran great all the way home from his house to mine. However, This morning, fired it up, put it in drive, pressed the accelerator and boom, backfire through the exhaust & the carb. It kept on doing this multiple backfireing through the carb & exhaust, spitting, sputtering, shaking and barely any acceleration. When I put it in park or neutral and mash the accelerator it slightly backfires once or twich then it revs fine.
What all could be causing this ?
Whats odd is it gave no warning at all just fine one day bad the next.
Thank you in advance for any help you can offer me !
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I was going to say I had the same problem, especially in the mornings, before I got a new carb. I would reccommend the edelbrock 795 cfm 1905 q-jet, it works great! But if you fixed it, then good for you.
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