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Nice rig you got there man. Same colors as mine :)

If you want a good power adder, go with a 440 ;D

Or, for a more conservative approach, have some mild port work done on the heads, get yourself a mild cam that favours the exhaust side, (I like Hughes, my 208/214 - .458 .470 hydraulic is wonderful), and top it off with a set of good quality small tube equal length headers. That should give what you desire.

As for tires, I have 33" x 12.5" Super Swamper TSL Radials with no lift. When I got rid of the stock width rims (7" I believe) and put on the 10" wide the only contact I had was slight at the front of the front wheel well openings. Fixed that with a towel and a hammer ;D

With a mild offset, and an 8" wide rim, you should be able to run the same without any real problems. They do look a wee bit "stuffed" though.

Good luck with your new purchase! Hope you have lots of fun with it :)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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