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Reduced to $500. Heck the 4-speed setup is worth that. :D

For Sale: '83 Ramcharger in central Iowa. Alas, it is time for Big Red to go. He served me well. I had a lot of fun in this truck - he's big, red, loud and a 4-speed.

The truck is basically worn out. Still runs and drives but it's probably time to either put him out to pasture or put some $ into him. Most recently some rodent chewed a hole into the front brake reservoir and that ain't good. :(

The only non-rusty panel on the truck is the roof. Good body shop practice for someone?

Here is what you will get for $750 - 318-4V (TQ), NP-435 4-speed, NP-208 transfer case, 9 1/4 rear diff & Dana 44 front diff with manual locking hubs. Newer starter, battery, rebuilt driveshaft ($300) and new rear brakes & seals. Class 3 hitch. Lots of tread left on the 32" tires. I'll even throw in the FSM.

You also get a broken windshield, wiper arm, turn signal switch, horn button, no radio (perfect antenna though) and possibly a few other broken things.

IMO, if you fix the brakes & rebuild the carb, the truck still has quite a few miles in it. Red would make a great farm truck and is perfect for teaching someone how to drive stick.

Please send me a PM with your phone #/contact info.

RCC, thanks for the ad.

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