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83 DD Right side photo

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This is a too dark shot of the Rt.side. You can see where I married the Jeep GC interior door panels to the original RC.
I had to use the Jeep panels because the keyless entry and alarm controls are in a computer in the right side door panel.
I am going to paint it a stock "bright white" as opposed to the "pearl white" it is now.


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really nice man!
That's really nice...but you need to put all the pictures in ONE thread instead of starting a new thread every time you put a picture up...thats what the reply button at the bottom is for...not trying to make ya mad or smart off...just trying to help out :)

yeah listen to mopar man, he knows this site pretty good.
not as good as me tho ;D {peace} but he does have tons of posts under his name from when he used mopar man as his name as a guest. and nice truck, I LOVE THE INTERIOR!
This has to go to the top of the list again. Great Job
By chance do you have any pictures of the engine bay?
How hard was it to graft all the Jeep GC parts into the RC? I would definitely like to give that a whirl if I could ever pick up a junk GC.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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