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80s AC components in 70s rig

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I’ve done a fair amount of searching and haven’t come up with much, but do the heater/ac boxes out of the 80s pickups bolt to the 70s firewalls? I have a 79 Ramcharger I am trying to ad AC too and have limited options of 70s donor rigs at the local junkyard, but a plethora of 80s trucks. I will be going this week to hopefully find a 70s truck AC system but just wondering in the meantime on interchangeability. Thanks in advance.
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No, but they could.

If you want to cut out the opening, and swap it with the opening from the 80's truck, it can work. But then you have the issue of the interior duct work, The heater/AC box is different, and the 80's ducts are different, so the connecting ductwork will not fit.

Then you have the issue of the controls, and making them work. 70's mounts way differently then the 80's stuff.

Heater cores for 70's trucks are not made any more, so be aware if you find one in poor condition. Some have adapted an 80's core with some work.

Not easy, but not insurmountable either.

Might look into after market stuff like vintage air, or the others that I cannot think of right off.
Thanks for the info! I may end up going aftermarket at this point depending on what turns up at the junkyard this week.
just put the whole 80's dash in and be done with it
I ended finding the AC subharness, vacuum harness, and box from a similar year today
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