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'78 Trail Duster Seatbelt Question

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The seatbelts in my '78 TD are in rough shape, and I don't think they're stock. I'm wondering what type of belts they came with. Were they just lap belts, or the kind in cars today, or were they some kind of 2-belts system, so you could have a shoulder belt with the hardtop and just lap belts with no top. I'm asking this because it's almost ready to get back on the road, and I don't want to get in trouble for have no seatbelts or the wrong kind.
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i think all the pre-80 rc's came with just lap belts and shoulder belts were optional.
Well, my 78 RC only has lap belts in it.
My 79 only came with lap belts from the factory, Shoulder Belts were an option it didnt have
My 77 Trail Duster has shoulder belts that latch in separately onto the lap belt latch. I've always wonder why they where seperate and not till this post did I think about the top comming off. Uhumm, that makes sense.
The 78 I have now and the 76 Trailduster i did have both had lap belts only I do notice an indentation on the door frame where a shoulder strap might have gone had that option been utilized. I do not know that for sure though. I attatched a shoulder strap seatbelt to the roll bar in my old 76 and it worked out good.
I used a set of belts from an early 70's duster, the 2 peice clip on shoulder belt setup. My roof has the hole for the shoulder belt, so I just bolted it on. It originally had only lap belts.
we robbed the belts out of a junkyard td, dunno what year...mid 70s i think. all it had was black lap belts. we migrated those into our 66plymouth belvedere II
Thanks for the answers everyone, I think I'm gonna run lap belts for now, since that's what the factory gave me. Thanks for clearing that up.
i forgot to mention none of my two rc's have the shoulder belt either. i dont think i've seen a pre-80 rc that had them either
it was an option on some. like the SEs and stuff...
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