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Hey yall!
I had a bend in my '88 rc tie rod (dana 44). I couldn't find a new one. So I got a '78 tie rod from a good buddy.

Come to find ot that the tie rod ends are different (different thread). No prob. Got me some '78 rc tie rod ends too.

Now it's time so slap it on there and the tie rod ends are really hard pressed to get into the knuckle holes. Now I COULD take a wood block and just start smackin', but I don't want to spend all that time breaking stuff to find out they just don't fit!

ps- the tie rod ends (the end that goes into the knuckle) looks a bit different in the taper that from my "88. But it could just be a different manufacturer. I COULD be a touch wider, but then again, it may just be an optical illusion from the different looking taper. ???

I don't know...please HELP!!!
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