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'78 TD transfer case ?'s

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I just put lockout hubs on my '78 that has fulltime 4wd. The transfer case in it is nearly impossible to shift into anything, I've only gotten into 4-lo once, and never into 4-hi loc or 4-lo loc. What part time cases will work for me? Or could mine be worth saving and putting a part time kit on it? I have an auto tranny, and I want to be able to have real 2wd.
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no tcase is bolt in replacement, but all will fit with the correct adapter, tranny tailshaft, and crossmember. some might require new driveshafts also.

Np203 is what you have, And its possible to find a new one for cheap in the classifieds or on e-bay (I even have one for sale, but your kinda far away). But maybe all you need is to lube up the shift linakage? its worth a try. I have 2 trucks with 203s and one is kinda hard to shift and one is real easy, accually pops out of loc sometimes (think the linkage needs adjustment).
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