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I have a 78 Ramcharger with 26,000 original miles. It was a barn find in 2010 with 24K miles. It had sat since 1994.
The original owner "Jack" loved this truck as you will see in all the documentation he kept on it. In 1996 before he passed he attempted to move the truck and damaged the right fender. It was moved back into the barn and sat till 2010 when his widow paid our shop to move it so new barn door could be put up. While in our shop the widow asked us to give a quote to get it running again, knowing it sat so long we told her it would be around $500 knowing it would need a whole fuel system resto at the least, she declined. I returned the truck to the owner were it sat for another 6 months in her driveway. By this time I was looking for a plow truck for my new house, and I recalled the Ramcharger. After much discussion, I came to an agreement with the now 96-year-old widow "Ann". $2,750 was the price.
Since owning I flushed the gas tank and system modified a newer sending unit, replaced brake lines with stainless from Inline tube, New exhaust, tune up, added a trailer hitch replaced the front right fender, installed new tires changed oil and adjusted the bands in the transmission. I did rub out the paint but it's so thin the shine only lasted about a year. The original tires I sold to a museum in Arizona, on a 77 Ramcharger. They were like new still but not safe to use. The plow on the tuck was only used once or twice by the original owner it was brand new until I used it. the blade still looks new today!

I'm sorry to say I have used this as a work truck and the MI weather has started to bring on the normal rust in these trucks. I decided I can't let this gem go on rusting away so I'm now putting it up for sale. my price is $4,000 what I have into it. I have attached a picture the day I bought it March 2011 and another once I got it running again June 2011. the rest are from this week.
Located in Carleton MI.

feel free to message me your number if you want to know more about this awesome Ramcharger.

Here is my original post when I was thinking of buying it.


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