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78' power wagon

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hope this works
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your truck looks great ( i want one)lol do you have any specs if so that would be great I would love to learn more ;D
that's a nice clean rig.
start buildin. ;D
Specs on my truck are: no lift, 32 11.5's, 360 with 670 steet avenger, hooker headers and a mini starter. 9 1/4 rear has a trac lock with 3.23 :-\ Plans for the future, lift and 35's and a car 4 speed with a divorced 205. What do ya think? Any specific questions?
Looks good Mudweiser!!! Those '78's rock!!! {cool}
That is just righteous rig man .


PS: WElcome to RCC tooooooooo
Thanks for all the compliments guys!
nice pics :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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