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'78 Drivetrain on '84 Frame ????

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Found an '78 W20 4WD BBlock for peanuts.Frame rusted out.Have an '84 150 4WD ABlock, will the drivetrain off the '78 fit on the '84 frame?
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Hmm...i think most all of it wil lswap over cept some of thge body mount location might be bit different .on the 84 frame . just measure and do some test fit with each component and build it from the ground up . Hell a bare frame would be the best way to do it from the ground up anyhow .
It's always been my understanding that it's a bolt-on application, provided that the bodies are the same (club cab or non, long bed or short, etc). But, 'tis possible I am mistaken.
Today I'm able to have the trucks sitting together.So with tape measures of equal length, let the games begin.Spring shackle mounts are factory riveted on.Grade 8 bolts are my only opinion? Correct!!! Next is the front hubs. There is an large nut with a carter pin.How do I go about putting lock/unlock hubs? Great place for information,really thank you all very much.By the way it's an 400 BBlock,do I here 451 when it's time to rebuild?????
Easiest way to go to locking hubs is to switch to a Dana 60 front!! If you want to keep your axle, you'll have to change everything over. It's a different set up from the full time axle you know have.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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