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78 Dodge

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Ahh....nice to know there is still afew good mud holes in Ohio . ;D

hey nice lookin truck! Nice mud lol. Specs?
Not alot of mud holes but a few. It's a 78 w150 318, 727, 203 dana 44 front and 9 1/4 rear with 355's limited slip 31" kumo mud tires, all stock (for now) with 64,000 original miles.I bought it for parts for the rc for $200.00 and drove it home but it run and drives so good I'm going to fix up the body abit. It was a used car lot plow truck for along time. I'll try to get some better pictures of it and the rc sometime soon It's also a 78 with a 3" body lift and 33x12.50 super swampers. It has about 300,000 ruff miles on her.
Nice truck

were in Oh are you at?
I'm in greensprings ohio, close to fremont, and sandusky isn't that far either. Btw nice 84 rc what size and kind of tires are on that?
I don't have this pic. thing down so hop it works the seatis out of the truck and the motor and dash are from the rc.
Everyone has a twin somewhere. Do you look like me too, MudCharger? LOL

Here's MudCharger's '78 Power Wagon. ;D


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They are twins, the tires are almost the same to. yours has a nicer body though :eek:
MudCharger said:
Yours has a nicer body though :eek:
Not quite. I just have a magic camera. LOL ;D
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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