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78 body parts

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hey everybody. great to be among fellow dodge truck owners. i'm rebuilding my baby, sabrina, a 1978 d-150 long bed. i've pulled the 265,000 mile 318, 727, and 8 3/8 rearend and am replacing them with a 360, 46rh and 9.25 from a 95 ram. i don't like fuel injection and computers, so i'm using an m1 intake with a carb. there are numerous modifications i have to make to adapt the new drivetrain to my truck. there is one thing i can't seem to find new....a radiator support. i can easily find one for the 81 and after body style, but not for mine. does anyone know of a source, other than a junkyard, where i can find a radiator support? it seems odd that no one makes this part for a body that was around unchanged for 9 years. i would appreciate any help.
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Excuse me for seeming lost on this.. But why would you have to change your core support for using the newer style motor?? If the holes for mounting the radiator are different.. simply redrill them.
Since the 95 motor was fed with an electric pump.. are you adding an electric and regulator to it?
Aaron Wyse
sorry man. my support is rusted badly at the bottom. i am using a carter electric pump, but don't think i need the regulator. that's one the many mods i need to make.
OK.. I didn't think that shoudl have been required for the swap. Put a posting over in the parts wanted.. Maybe one of the guys has one laying around.
If it's an electric that's made for carbed cars.. then it should run at a lower psi.. I'd still double check first. Better to fidn out now, then first time you try to fire it up. carbs don't like more than about 5-8psi..
i checked before i ordered it from summit. it's a low psi pump.
As I recall in my travels over the web there is no one that makes an aftermarket support for the 70's models. Try as there are a bunch of used ones listed there.
before i try to get one on the net, i'll go to barry's in gulfport. sucks that no one makes this part
lovemydodge said:
before i try to get one on the net, i'll go to barry's in gulfport. sucks that no one makes this part
Yeah, Barry's is a good choice.
I know for a Fact that has a few 77-79 dodges lieing around if you need parts.
thanks. i just emailed drmopar.
1977 Rad/Core Support
Dodge Truck 100 Series $65
Hemco Salvage USA-LA(Baker) 1-800-685-6340
Stock# 2826
cool. i'll call them tomorrow. thanks a lot. btw, dr mopar says he is out of stock.
found one at barry's for 27.99. along with an inner fender. inside hood release, vent window for my girl's cherokee, assorted nameplates and nuts and bolts. all for $47. that place rules. in another thread there was mentioned the older trucks like mine didn't have inside hood releases. i found a 74 and a 72 with inside hood releases.
LoveMyDodge, why don't you introduce yourself and register in the Louisiana chapter when you get a chance. We need all the Louisiana people we can get. Also, have you ever been to Budget U-Pull-It near Baton Rouge? Excellent yard. The prices run a little higher than Barry's, but the vehicles have more parts on them, they have more older stuff (usually) and it is much closer to you.
Good Luck.
aw ya know me greg. tell me about the la chapter. i've been to budget and i find their yard a lot messier than barry's. but they do have some interesting cars and trucks. and they are a little higher, but not much. but barry's is so's my happy place. the outside world doesn't exist when i'm there. it's like guys who go fishing and don't care if they catch anything.
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