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Removed brake booster and replaced with another one I had on parts truck.

When I start engine and press brake pedal, hear hissing noise.  MC is fine and looks like it's been rebuilt.

A few questions I have that I'm not sure of.

1)  Is there suppose to be a gasket between engine firewall and the BB?

2)  Is there suppose to be a gasket between MC and BB?


HI dodjh..
Rather than have you plod through all of my posts under that thread.. It's all summarized below.. re efforts to score a NEW or NOS booster..
First what I think I learned... I think:
(1) reputable salvage yards on e-bay have more to lose (re bad review / feedback) than gain by selling a faulty part.. SO I think you can still get a pretty "Good / Used" part though it is dealing with large professional Salvage operators.. I had very good experience with both Salvage Operators I listed below..
Also the following site (2)

And Parts hotlines......
both contributed by other members.. I just can't recall at the moment..

Basically the choices are for me as follows..
A Used but still a good booster that is OEM....from a reputable salvage yard via 1 or 2 above.. (a temporary fix, till you get what you want)
B. an unused.. New/Old Stock Booster bought off ebay..
C. getting your booster rebuilt by a reputable re-builder, mentioned in our member's posts..
But last IMO..
D. buying a universal fit booster (I have no experience) with any.. maybe one of our RCC guys has...
OR buying a "Reconditioned"...booster from one of the nationwide auto parts chains, Rock Auto Summit....etc... There are some members who had issues re quality / performance.

--------HERE IS MY SUMMARY ----------------------

KurtfromLaQuinta....HI .Sorry for the delay... too much going on...
Yea, I'm pretty sure that booster would work. I can't fault the response, you don't see very many... actually I don't see any..of our vintage Dodge RamChargers or Pickups.. today... I got the below boosters after numerous attempts to buy a new booster from any of the part's stores or on line vendors fell through.. After they reported they no longer carried the part, this after they actually listed it being in stock..
I actually got a nice call back from Auto Zone after I complained ...etc.. from a corp type who dealt with the producers of parts.. He replied that they can't get the part because the mfgr no longer makes them. At least somebody went to the effort to go the next level and get a definite answer. It's not like they were a major offender, as I only tried to order from them once. But they took the brunt of my frustration.. after various vendors (about 20 in all) ALL...ALL...listed the booster in stock.. Many on e-bay also.. I assumed all I had to do was to keep ordering.. after they cancelled my previous order.. I just figured they kept selling out... and sooner or later instead of a cancellation notice, I would time it right and get a newly manufactured booster. I was wrong.. I never understood why they on the auction and many on their own web pages bothered to keep the advertisement up....if they never had the booster.

I had already bought the two double boosters when I saw an ad for a universal fit booster..I picked up a 2nd double booster as a back up.. both from two different salvage yards on E-bay. Both boosters were reasonably clean, and tested far as total was $63.85 and the other $65.00

#1 B & R Auto Wrecking bandrauto (40891 ) 96.4% Positive feedback

#2 Partsitout partsitout (8747 ) 100% Positive feedback

image of one booster shown below..
I reasoned that both having a good feedback rating, were safe choices to first get a working booster, and that booster would serve for a while after which I would have a good solid unit to get rebuilt. If the re-builders suddenly all dry up. I reasoned that a good quality new booster though a universal, would work as well as my original equipment "single booster". Back in the day I used to go to custom car shows.. I'm assuming that most of those boosters referenced above would be installed on custom and or performance vehicles cars and trucks.. any one of which would have more invested in their vehicle that I do in mine.. SO that's how I'll deal with this booster issue..

Dodgeboys of course 100% spot on !!! re get the "Loaded booster".... the booster with the (master brake cylinder) already attached.. You save money in the long run and you may as well replace the master brake cylinder, which should probably be replaced anyway...

P.S. Just like Rock Auto re an alert... you can save your search on ebay, and it will notify you when what your looking for is sitting at the monitor night after night etc.. SEE BELOW posted on 7 Nov...

Regards EDDIEK

POSTED ON NOV 7: Just an FYI: I got a alert based on a saved search for "salvaged" brake boosters at Ebay. I picked up two a few months back, one to squirrel away for a rebuild ....and the other to install .... to see, how my original unit matches up. I forgot to delete the alert but will do that now. The search alert came back this morning. I copied two, I believe there are four total listed this morning. It may be worth a look, so anyone interested you have to do your due dilligence..just as with any other item for sale.. Regards..

1. Power Brake Booster D Models Fits 84-88 DODGE 250 PICKUP 14983906 6 Month Warranty, Tested, Fast And Free Shipping
eBay item number: 333388778578 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

It's still up for sale...go to..

2. Power Brake Booster D Models Fits 84-93 DODGE 150 PICKUP 14901702 6 Month Warranty, Tested, Fast And Free Shipping
eBay item number: 352832621253 Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing.

This one too still up for sale:



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