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76 w100 and 8'' lift

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I'm considering buying the skyjacker 8'' lift but I wanted to know what kind of problems people have had with the lift. My truck is a 1/2ton regcab/shortbox and being so I was wondering if anyone has a lift like this on the same kinda rig if they could give me ideas as to how easy the install was and what mods if any they had to do along the way. Thx
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First Welcome to the site. To save you trouble get a complete kit. That come with or sold separte some type of steering correction. Steering block and drop pitman arms are ok but you will have alot of bumsteer. So i would also do crossover steering while your at it. You will need longer brake lines. Longer drive shafts. Longer shocks. I have heard from others that the polyuranthan on the skyjacker leaf springs is crap and you should replace with stock rubber. But that is only a opinion. Installing is pretty easy if you have the tools and man power. The most important thing is to get the steering right. You don't want to drive down the road and then your truck decides to turn into a tree.
Definitly do the crossover steering for that much lift. What size tires are you gonna put on there?
Well I was thinking about 35x14.50's boggers but I might go bigger. Things will just depend on money ;) About the lengthened driveshafts would those have to be custom built?
Any drivetrain or driveshaft shop can do it.
Only majar thing is what M880 already mentioned......driveshafts, and they aren't really that big a deal. Take em out, drop them off, pick them up, put them in......done!
8 inches of lift would suggest you want some really big tires since 35s would fit with half that amount of lift. Problem is, that while it's possible to lift your truck up to 8 inches or more, your small 1/2 ton drivetrain and brakes are alittle too small for anything above 35s-38s.

Unless you plan on upgrading your drivetrain or not much off roading, keep things simple and go with less lift and those 35s will still work well.

Yea I have no doubt that with 38's or even 35's I could get into some fun ;D breaking axels with the stock drivetrain, I'm thinking about looking around for a junker 3/4 ton and takeing out the drivetrain, I have to replace the crappy np203 anyways so I might just go to a 205 while I'm at it also.

So many things to do and so little money to do it with :D
I had at one time just a 5 1/2" lift from superlift and cleared 35's just fine. For about 600 bucks. If all you are gonna do is 35's absolutly just go with a smaller lift, WAY cheaper and easier. Just my 2 cents.

Yea I just can't decide on what to do. If time permits (same with money) I might just go all out and do the 8'' suspension and a 3'' body and then see what size tires I could fit under it.

Only drawback is I still want to keep it road legal lol.

Talking about it is cheaper than buying it :p
The 203 is a lot better then it's given credit for. I've only ever seen 1 with a broken chain.
well I wouldn't know because I don't know much about transfer cases but all I do know is that when I put it in 4 low lock or even 4 high lock if all 4 of my tires can have great traction and the chain in the 203 seems to be skipping (binding/slapping noise from transfer case) and the truck won't move (ie like flexing the suspension when trying to go up and over a kelly hump ;D ) and its not from a lack of traction or anything like that, the transfer case has just about 120k miles on it and its been a wood truck for almost half of its life so I'm shur its just worn out.
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