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76 PowerWagon (UPDATED PICS)

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I like it ! Nice doors! Do they still open?
maverick148 said:
I like it ! Nice doors! Do they still open?
Thanks, and yes the doors still open. I just don't have any handles. For now I am just reaching inside them and pushing the lever, but I plan on installing poppers.
Hey, how about a few more pics of your front light bar,looking for ideas on how to do mine................
Again. I am impressed. That is one really sharp truck. I just got a 75 Power Wagon. It's became my daily driver. I'm going to lift it about 4" and put some 36's on it. Mine is a bit rough, need a paint job and some body work. Couple dents here and there no rust.
hey, love the rig. how hard was it to make those doors? i'm wantint to make something like that for my truck that i can take on and off for the summer.
Very nice looking powerwagon!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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