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75 ramcharge/68 318 need help please

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hi this is my 1st post so please bear with me
i have a 1975 dodge ramcharger the truck used to
have a 360 but i got it with a 318 so now the engine
is rebuilt but i have several problem (they existed befor it
was removed)
1st is the motor mounts what bracket should go on what
side one has 3 bolts and is cut at an angle one has 4
and is u shaped?

2nd my timing chain cover has no timing marks or rasied boss on it at all
any ideas i will not be able to time it ?
is there a tab i can get?

3rd my front lower pulley bolt holes dont line up
i can get all bolts in except 1

4th i could use a picture of the alt. mounting brackets
mine was way wrong when i removed it and i would
like to put it back on correctly

i am sure i will have more questions

thank you for all your help

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Seems like the acesory pullies are from a newer SB like from an 80's model possibly . AS ofr the pics Chump can get u the pics of what the pulley set up is . U can get a haynes manual and it iwll show it in there as well .
As ofr the timing marks u can get some timing tape and u have to get it # TDC then stick it on the cover housing . I guess sombody used some butchering on the engine mounts . I would go find some originals from a bone yrad clunker and use those with new rubber isolators .
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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