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75 ramcharge/68 318 need help please

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hi this is my 1st post so please bear with me
i have a 1975 dodge ramcharger the truck used to
have a 360 but i got it with a 318 so now the engine
is rebuilt but i have several problem (they existed befor it
was removed)
1st is the motor mounts what bracket should go on what
side one has 3 bolts and is cut at an angle one has 4
and is u shaped?

2nd my timing chain cover has no timing marks or rasied boss on it at all
any ideas i will not be able to time it ?
is there a tab i can get?

3rd my front lower pulley bolt holes dont line up
i can get all bolts in except 1

4th i could use a picture of the alt. mounting brackets
mine was way wrong when i removed it and i would
like to put it back on correctly

i am sure i will have more questions

thank you for all your help

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#1 The motor mount brackets go on the rear side of the ears on the drivers side and on the front side of the ears on the passenger side. 318's and 360's have different left side motor mounts i believe.

#2 71 and earlier small blocks had the timing tabs cast into the timing cover but on the passenger side. Not the drivers side like 72 up. So look down in the fuel pump area for it.

#3 Also before 72 they had a different damper on the engines that had one offset hole. This can be corrected with a round file. This is a normal and recommended fix by Mopar.

#4 can't help ya there.

I bet your engine has the lower water pump hose on the drivers side. 72 and later small blocks have them on the passengers side. If you ever want to change that then you need to change timing cover, water pump and damper.
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Ok you have a 72 up timing cover and water pump then with a 71 down damper. Your timing marks won't line up. The timing marks for 72 up is on the drivers side. All small blocks have the marks cast into the timing cover. I doubt anyone ground them off.
well i have plenty of front covers i would part with if you would want one. Thier all for 1972 and up though.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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