Alright - we want to finish/play with some other toys and need to make some room, so the big rig is for sale, final answer.

This is a fully functional truck with 4-wheel disc brakes and ram-assisted steering on leaf springs, rockwells, and 46s, that can comfortably travel 65 mph from the condo to Hells Revenge, do the trail with ease including Escalator, and travel 65 mph back to the condo without breaking a sweat.

Overall: 1974 Dodge Cummins Power Wagon Crew Cab Convertable. Cummins 6BT (non-intercooled), 47RH 2wd transmission, divorced Ford 203/205 doubler (ORD kit), rockwell 2.5-ton axles, 46 inch Mickey Thompson Baja Claws on Stazworks 20x14 double beadlock wheels. 1978 Dodge Power Wagon front clip, military M101 bed (shortened to 5.5 feet), removable hard top and doors. Full roll cage and soft top, Cummins-powered (engine-driven) on board air, full complement of Autometer gauges, and so much more.

Engine. Cummins 6BT from a 1990 Ram W250 - non-intercooled, simple and bulletproof. Intercooled VE44 IP and hard lines. It has an HX-35 turbo and complete 4" exhaust with both Magnaflow and Heartthrob mufflers below the stack.

Transmission. 47RH from a 1995 Ram 2500 V10; 2wd unit, deep pan, and new converter. It also has a temperature gauge, and a front cooler with selectable fan.

Transfer case(s). Divorced Ford 203/205 doubler with a full ORD kit and ORD twin stick conversion on the 205.

Axles. 1967 Kaiser M-35, 2.5-ton rockwells.

Front axle: HX-240. Indexed 15* forward for a zero pinion angle back to the CV, F550 brakes, 6.72 gears with Grizzly Locker, crossover steering, 2 x 10 steering ram, and Ouverson Engineering lockouts.

Rear axle: C240 FHX3. Indexed 15* rearward for a zero pinion angle to the CV, F350 Dana 80 dually brakes, 6.72 gears with Grizzly locker, and factory Dana 80 emergency brakes.

Front Suspension: ProComp 56" leafs #13511, Bilstein long-travel 5100-series shocks, limit straps, and Energy Suspension 4-bolt XHD bump stops.

Rear Suspension: ProComp 63" leafs #13711, Bilstein long-travel 5100-series shocks, limit straps, and Energy Suspension 4-bolt XHD bump stops.

Frame. 1992 W250 Cummins, fully boxed with 3/16 plate.

Drive Shafts: Built by Driveline Service in Colorado Springs, CO

Intermediate shaft: 2-foot intermediate shaft between transmission and doubler; stock 47RH Cummins 1410 output yoke from trans and a 1350/1350 CV joint into the 203.

Front shaft(s): Front shaft is a two-piece unit. From the t-case: standard 1410 front output u-joint with ~5 degree angle down to the carrier bearing followed with a fixed CV output flange; then a 1350/1350 CV joint down to another slip-shaft and 1410 joint at the differential using rockwell 1410 input flange.

Rear shaft: Starts with a 1350/1350 CV joint and ends with a slip-shaft 1410 joint at the differential using rockwell 1410 input flange.

Wheels and Tires. 20x14 Stazworks double beadlocks with cold-rolled outer edges, and 46x19.5x20 Mickey Thompson Baja Claws. Large bore valve stems and inflator.

The steering is powered by a Vickers V10F pump rated at 1500 psi and 5 GPM above 500 rpm -- the steering pump is bolted to the back of the Bendix TF750 air compressor. The system has no problem steering the big 46's. The steering also powers the hydroboost brakes with 2 quarts of Royal Purple in a remote reservoir, with a temperature gauge, all of which is filtered, and cooled with a big front cooler with selectable fan.

The front brakes are factory Ford F550, the rears F350 D80 dually, Ram hydroboost-powered and are incredibly powerful -- the brakes will stop all 4 corners 'now'.

The dash has a full complement of Autometer gauges. The seats are new from an M35A3 with Mastercraft harnesses.

There's a pair of X2-Power Deep Cycle/Starting batteries under the bed connected in parallel that have over 1700 amps of power for starting in the coldest weather.

A factory gear-driven Bendix TF750 twin-piston compressor provides on-board air and is bolted up to the back of the gear case where the vacuum pump used to be, rated at 16.5 CFM at 1200 rpm, and it will air up the 46's rapidly.

All the lights (except the head lights) are LEDs including the parking lights, stop lights, and turn signals. The head lights are the standard halogens. It also has 4 pair of big LED flood lights to light up the area so you can see where your tires are at night.

12k Warn front winch, 12k Badlands rear winch, 25-foot hose reel in bed.

It doesn't break parts, runs at any altitude and any angle, and has power to spare.

If you're familiar with the Colorado trails, we've wheeled it on Chinaman, Liberty, Rainbow Falls, Eagle Rock, Saran Wrap, Red Cone, Spring Creek, and Ram Off Road Park. We've had it to Moab many times and every time has been a blast - the rig is a literal rock star. It did every trail with authority and went up and down everything we asked of it. Among many named obstacles it conquered High Dive, Up Chuck, White Knuckle, No Left Turn, Double Whammy, and easily bridged the big opening on Golden Crack.

The truck is super fun and super strong, and the build quality is high. It is functionally perfect and needs nothing -- nothing. It has a complete hard top and doors, and there is very little else on the rig that isn't finished -- couple of minor things that have no effect on how it drives or 'wheels.

It is also very efficient. It only used about 20 gallons of diesel during the 6 days of trail riding at Moab. The fuel tank is a 35 gallon Ramcharger unit.

The truck is great on the street - air up the Mickeys to 30 psi and head down the road. The big brakes stop the rig perfectly straight and you'll be surprised how fast it comes to a stop. I haven't tried, but I'd wager it'd lock up all 4 in an emergency. I was asked if the truck was capable of a cross-country drive, and yes I honestly think it would. It cruises along at 65 pretty nicely, is very comfortable, and isn't a 'handful' - you can cruise down the road with one hand on the wheel.

I treat the truck well and I don't ask it to do more than I think it can - I don't jump it -- I don't crush cars. I built it to be a big trail rig with monster capability, and monster fun, and it is exactly all that. The engine is not turned up much, just a 366 spring and a bit of fuel -- when crawling it will effortlessly slow-spin the tires without any problem looking for traction. The truck is incredible off-road - it'll go up and over 4' rocks without a care in the world, and is nearly unstoppable. Treat it right and it'll treat you right.

The reason we're selling it has nothing to do with the truck itself - as much fun as it is it's simply just too big for the technical, tight off-roading we find ourselves in here in Colorado. If we lived in Moab we'd definitely find a way to keep it, but with changes in jobs and other things we just can't keep 'em all, and as big a bummer as it is we're letting this one go.

$25k for everything, including all the spare parts including a full set of spare rockwell axle shafts, drive flanges, TREs, center chuck, a hub, and lots more. Not trying to get back the 3 years of 'time and labor' building the rig, and I have more than $25k in it just in parts, and so I think that is a fair price to ask for this rig - a street-legal Power Wagon rolling on rocks and 46s, that is complete, beautiful, and ready to wheel.

If you read FOUR WHEELER then you may have seen the truck in the Feb 17 issue. Again changes in our family mean we need a bit different toy, so we're making this one available for $25k, which is a lot less than what's into it but you never get it all back and that's cool. This is a link to the article -

Bud: 3 Winches, 2 Rockwells, 1 Turbodiesel, And A Mind-Blowing Number Of Incredible Mods
and this is the link to the build thread - '74 M-950 Power Wagon build

Clean CO title in hand. Everyone always says 'you have to see this truck to really appreciate it' and this one is no different. If you are interested, and are serious about it, please reply via e-mail with your e-mail address and phone number. We have some property you can drive it around on including some rocks, so you'll get a small taste of just how much fun this truck really is.

Any questions please e-mail at [email protected], or simply send a PM.

- Sam

Couple pics to wet the appetite -