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74-80 shoulder belts?

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does anyone have shoulder belts in their 74-80 rc? i'm on the lookout for some and was wondering where do they mount on the bottom? does anyone have a picture?
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Just an idea...why not get some newer seats, out of a newer Dodge Quad Cab truck? Old style, like 99-01 or so...they had the high back seats with the shoulder harness built into the seat...that would work well for your application, I would think...

I haven't seen any RCs or TDs with shoulder belts in the '70s, but I have a few '70s pickups with shoulder belts...

My main driver '76, built 12/5/75, has lap belts only
my other driver '76 big block shortbed, built 7/16/76, has shoulder belts
my parts truck in the back yard, '78, has shoulder belts
my dads M880 military truck '77, has shoulder belts...

Must've been an option for a few years? At least in '76? Or maybe a mid-year intro?

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