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74-80 shoulder belts?

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does anyone have shoulder belts in their 74-80 rc? i'm on the lookout for some and was wondering where do they mount on the bottom? does anyone have a picture?
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shoulder belts were an option in the 74-79 rc/td's due to the removable top. if oyu look on the inside of the top where a shoulder belt is to mount you will find normally a plug inserted there if it hasnt been removed.

if ouy are concerned about the safety of the rc/td's then i agree with TRCM, get a real roll bar/cage and install 5 point harnesses

if oyu are worried about stock appearing then it wont matter if oyu have them or not as it could have been either way from factory

RAMMAN4 said:
I know my 73 crew cab has the plugs there to mount the shoulder belts and the FSM shows them as an option. How would I go about removing that plug because I definitly wanna run shoulder belts.
as far as i know it just pops out and there is a threaded hole behind it

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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