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727 Shift linkage seal, how hard?

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I thought I had fixed my main trans leak, but I was mistaken. The seal on the shift linkage is leaking bad, real bad. How hard is this to replace. The dealer supposedly ordered me one, and I'm picking it up today. Is it a PITA, or easy. Please say I don't have to drop the pan again?,,,,Cruisin
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It is not a big deal to drop the pan (this would be a good time to install a drain plug, so you don't have to taste that nasty ATF next time) and then the valve body. I use a large C-clamp to draw the new seal into it's bore. When these seals leak, they REALLY leak.

Also, DODGEBOYS, the degree symbol ° is alt 248. (hold down the alt key and type 248)
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